Book Quote (12/27/12)

Chapter 6 of Stephen Altrogge’s Create: Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Stuff is called “Make it a Habit.” The quotes here are very much related to the ones I recently posted from chapter 5.

Being a successful creator requires making a habit out of creativity. The most consistently creative people are the ones who have made creativity a habit. They sit down at their desk every single day and do the work. They may not work for long periods of time, but they do work consistently. (Kindle location 449/724)

The muse does not descend upon those who wait. The creative muse descends upon those who grab hold of it, put it in a headlock, and force it into submission. (Kindle location 452/724)

Face it, life is crazy. It’s busy and full. If creativity isn’t a habit there’s a good chance that it won’t happen at all. Ever. Television always wins out over hard, creative work. So what will your creative habit be? Will you regularly carve time out of your schedule to simply sit down and do the work? (Kindle location 485/724)

I don’t know how regular this feature will be, but I thought I’d share some quotes from the books I’m reading. I present these with the understanding that I do not necessarily endorse all of an author’s positions in this particular book or in his/her writing in general. These are quotes which I found interesting, provocative, well-written, or worthy of sharing in some other way.

Full disclosure: the links to in this blog post are affiliate links, meaning that I get a small percentage of any purchase you make on Amazon if you make that purchase after clicking through one of these links.

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