Book Quote (1/1/13)

Chapter Five of Jerry Bridges’s The Pursuit of Holiness is chocked full of goodness. I cannot condense all of the good quotes into one post, so I’ll spread them out over the next few days. This chapter is called “A Change of Kingdoms.”

Many Christians have a basic desire to live a holy life, but have come to believe they simply cannot do it. They have struggled for years with particular sins or deficiencies of character. While not living in gross sin, they have more or less given up ever attaining a life of holiness and have settled down to a life of moral mediocrity with which neither they nor God are pleased. The promise of Romans 6:6–7 seems impossibly beyond them. The strong commands of Scripture to live a consistently holy life only frustrate them. (p.50, 1996 edition)

[in reference to Rom 6:12] The experience of holiness is not a gift we receive like justification, but something which we are clearly exhorted to work at. (p.52, 1996 edition)

As we read this passage, the first thing we observe is that our dying to sin is the result of our union with Christ (verses 2–11). Because He died to sin, we died to sin. (p.52, 1996 edition)

The second observation we can make is that our dying to sin is a fact whether we realize it or not. (p.53, 1996 edition)

Because we are dead to sin through our union with Christ, we are not to let sin reign in our mortal bodies. Our daily experience with regard to sin is determined—not by our reckoning, but by our will—by whether we allow sin to reign in our bodies. But our will must be influenced by the fact that we died to sin. (p.53, 1996 edition)

The exhortations here are, for the most part, not new to me. But boy, do I need to hear them frequently! This is one of the aspects of Jerry Bridges’s writing that I appreciate so much.

I don’t know how regular this feature will be, but I thought I’d share some quotes from the books I’m reading. I present these with the understanding that I do not necessarily endorse all of an author’s positions in this particular book or in his/her writing in general. These are quotes which I found interesting, provocative, well-written, or worthy of sharing in some other way.

Full disclosure: the links to in this blog post are affiliate links, meaning that I get a small percentage of any purchase you make on Amazon if you make that purchase after clicking through one of these links.

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