Book Quote (1/19/13)

The tenth chapter of Jerry Bridges’s The Pursuit of Holiness is entitled “The Place of Personal Discipline.” Not unexpectedly, Bridges uses this chapter to discuss the relationship between personal discipline and our journey toward holiness.

Bridges starts off the chapter by discussing our impatience (and naivety) in striving for holiness.

Jay Adams put his finger on the problem when he says, “You may have sought and tried to obtain instant godliness. There is no such thing…We want somebody to give us three easy steps to godliness, and we’ll take them next Friday and be godly. The trouble is, godliness doesn’t come that way.”

Adams goes on to show that the way to obtain godliness is through Christian discipline. (p.96, 1996 edition)

After discussing the need for discipline, Bridges describes the areas in which we need discipline. The chief area is the area of Scripture intake.

So we see that we must discipline our lives for a regular healthy diet of the Word of God. We need a planned time each day for reading or studying the Bible. Every Christian who makes progress in holiness is a person who has disciplined his life so that he spends regular time in the Bible. There simply is no other way.

Satan will always battle us at this point. He will try to persuade us that we are too sleepy in the morning, too busy during the day, and too tired at night. It seems there is never a suitable time for the Word of God. This means we must discipline ourselves to provide this time in our daily schedules. (p.98, 1996 edition)

It is simply stated, but difficult in practice at times, isn’t it? If we do not plan to read the Bible, we likely will not read the Bible.

How is your diet of the Word of God at the moment?

I don’t know how regular this feature will be, but I thought I’d share some quotes from the books I’m reading. I present these with the understanding that I do not necessarily endorse all of an author’s positions in this particular book or in his/her writing in general. These are quotes which I found interesting, provocative, well-written, or worthy of sharing in some other way.

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