Brine Me in the Bible!

I’m no chef. I can follow directions (i.e., recipes) when needed, but I have no feel for the kitchen. It is no place where I have intuition or where my creativity flows unimpeded. Rather, my mental juices freeze, and in scraping away the crystals, I am left grasping again for the enumerated list to be my guide.


Though not by my hand, creative things do happen in the kitchen. In the last five years or so I’ve learned of the practice of brining poultry before cooking. This practice consists of combining large quantities of salt and cold water and allowing your bird (preferably deceased) to become acquainted with said mixture for a lengthy stretch. Call it an anti-sauna.

The effect of brining upon the bird is profound. (Yay, chemistry!) A brined turkey, for example, is supposedly more moist, tender, and flavorful than an unbrined turkey. All this from chilling in a wet bucket.

As I start the new year with a new Bible reading plan, this seems a vivid metaphor. Brine me in the Bible! I want to soak in the Scriptures this year to such a degree that when the heat is turned up, there is a profound difference. When I undergo the inevitable suffering or stress of living in this fallen world, I don’t want to dry out.1

I want to read, listen to,2 sing, memorize, speak, and meditate on the Bible this year more than ever before. Won’t you join me? Will you brine yourself in the Bible this year?

  1. The humor of comparing myself to a turkey is not lost on me in this metaphor. Hey, if the shoe fits…
  2. Why not take advantage of this free offer in January 2014 from In exchange for only your email address, you can download the entire Bible (ESV) in audio form!

Photo Credit: Anthony Quintano, Creative Commons License

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