Attending Small Group Bible Studies

I continue to write every other week at the Knowable Word blog. I just finished up a series on attending a small group Bible study.

My thinking behind the series was this—there are a lot of guides to leading a small group (including a very good one over at Knowable Word). But I hadn’t seen quite as much about attending a small group. I wrote a total of nine articles in this series; I’ve linked to each of them below with a brief description.

3 Benefits of Small Group Bible Study
Most of your Bible study will likely happen in private. But studying the Bible with a group of friends gives you an opportunity to bless others and be blessed yourself.

Ask These Questions When Joining a Small Group
Many Christians in the U.S. have a multitude of options when choosing a Bible study group to join. Here I discuss three important questions to ponder as you weigh your options.

Sharpen Your Axe: Prepare for Your Small Group
In life, we prepare for the events and opportunities that are important. Studying the Bible in a small group can be transformational, so should we really just show up at the meeting without any foresight? In this article I suggest some physical preparations and spiritual preparations to consider.

How to Ruin a Small Group Discussion in 4 Easy Steps
Here’s a tongue-in-cheek article written to highlight some unhelpful small group behaviors. My advice is to flip over the coin and aim accordingly.

Let Down Your Guard to Keep Up the Fight
A measure of vulnerability and honesty is essential to growing as a Christian. I suggest that you can grow in this by considering both how you ask your small group friends to pray for you as well as how you engage with Bible application.

Ten Characteristics of a Great Small Group Member
From the article: “Here are ten traits found in a great small group member. If you are attending a small group, make these qualities your target and the subject of your prayers.”

Help! I Have a Bad Bible Study Leader
What should you do if your Bible study goals seem at odds with your leader? In a nutshell: have a conversation.

When to Leave Your Small Group
How do you know when you’ve reached the point of no return with your small group? I suggest revisiting the same questions you should ask before joining a group to gain some clarity.

Pray for the End of Your Small Group
You can multiply the influence of your small group for God’s glory by dividing. (Like what I did there? Oh, math.) See how the end of your small group (as you know it) can be a really good thing.

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