The Gallery (Third Quarter, 2017)

art gallery


In an effort to slow down, think, and let the best of the internet sharpen and edify me, I’m starting an infrequent (but regular!) blog series. I’m calling it The Gallery because that’s the image that best fits my idea.

I’m trying to find a happy middle between a daily roundup and The Best of The Year. I want to call attention to some of the best articles, videos, and podcasts I’ve noticed that might still have relevance. For now, I’ve settled on posting this roundup once a quarter.

These are the best things I’ve run across over the last three months. They deserve multiple readings or listens. Their quality demands thoughtful consideration (or reconsideration).

This isn’t the best of the internet, because I have no desire to cast my net as wide as possible. This is the best of what I encountered, taking all my preferences and oddities into account. Enjoy.


  1. You May Not Love What You Think, by James K.A. Smith (Desiring God) — This article is a teaser for Smith’s book, but it’s full of deep wisdom. He explores our desires and our choices and explains the relationship between the two. “And here’s the disconcerting reality we need to face: our loves and longings and wants and hungers are not the result of our conscious, rational choices — they are the drivers of those choices.”
  2. Christians, Writing, Reading, and Faithfulness, by Lore Wilbert (personal blog) — Here Lore Wilbert collects some of the responses to questions about writing she asked on social media. This is filled with sound, humbling advice. “More than once a week I get a message from a reader asking how to start a blog or how to break into the publishing industry or my best book recommendation for writing. My answer is almost always the same: get people around you who won’t lie to you or about you, and ask them what they think of your writing. If they gush yeses immediately, find more people to ask. You’re looking for someone who says, “No.” That’s your person.
  3. Envision the End of Your Sin, by Garrett Kell (The Gospel Coalition) — Garrett Kell writes a powerful warning about the dangers of sin and the power of Christ.
  4. Rejoice in the Wife of Your Youth, by Ray Ortlund (Desiring God) — Part of DG’s series Letters to a Would-Be Adulterer, Ray Ortlund has urgent and profound counsel for those who are on the verge of adultery. (It’s good for all Christians—married or not—to read.)


  1. Pass the Mic (Reformed African American Network) — I have now linked to this podcast in each of the previous two Gallery posts, but I won’t apologize. Jemar Tisby, Tyler Burns, and their guests have important words for the church. Two top-notch episodes from this quarter: Charlottesville, and Speaking the Truth in Love (a sermon by Rev. Duke Kwon).
  2. Ask Pastor John (Desiring God) — The Soul Care for Exhausted Young Mothers episode is excellent.


  • March (Sho Baraka) — This has been in my head for a while now.

Photo Credit: Ryan McGuire (2014), public domain

2 thoughts on “The Gallery (Third Quarter, 2017)

  1. Thanks for these resources. I find it hard to make the most of my reading time when the internet is so full of choices. I appreciate being directed to some of the best!

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