The Westminster Confession on Adoption

I’m reading through the Westminster Confession of Faith at the moment, and far from being dry and dusty I have found parts of it quite beautiful and moving. I have a short post today, simply sharing the entirety of chapter 12 of the WCF, “Of Adoption” (modern version). There’s a lot to ponder here, a lot to make us humble and thankful. I suggest reading this slowly.

All those who are justified God graciously guarantees to make partakers of the grace of adoption in and for his only Son, Jesus Christ. By this act they are taken into the number of God’s children and enjoy the liberties and privileges of that relationship; they are given his name; they receive the Spirit of adoption; they have access to the throne of grace with boldness; and they are enabled to cry, “Abba, Father.” Like a father, God has compassion on, protects, provides for, and chastens them; yet, they will never be cast off, but are sealed to the day of redemption, and will inherit the promises as heirs of everlasting salvation. (WCF, 12)